Vastu Color Indication

Completed Project


Viswanath Enclave

Useful Vastus

  • Never split bed sheet and bed mattresses
  • Set your house furniture in the form of circle, square, or as octagon
  • Keep the corners bright
  • It is good to fix an image of bright sun in the southern wall of the living area
  • Construct your bedroom, where wind must blow from south to west
  • Your house dinning hall must never get exposed to the entrance door of the house
  • Setting a mirror in the kitchen room is not recommended
  • Do not place the mops and brooms in the kitchen
  • It is good to keep the doors of your toilet and bathroom closed most the time
  • It is good to set your windows opened towards out face
  • Growing of pricking plants like cactus in your house is not advisable and recommended
  • It is good to place the fish aquarium in the southeast corner in your living area
  • It is good to stick a happy family photograph or picture inside your living room
  • Growing of high trees such as Bangan, Thorny, and Pipal trees is not good and recommended
  • Ensure that the lift gate is not set in face of the entry main gate of your house
  • Building your house rooms in shape of oval, circle, or triangle is strictly not advisable
  • Your house should never be in disturbed by any obstructive buildings
  • Ensure that your house is good with right air circulation and water source
  • Your latrine seat must be kept facing towards northern south
  • It is good to sit facing the doorway, while you sit in your office
  • It is good to set a mountain wallpaper behind you in your office
  • Never keep a ladder that faces towards west or north, as it makes waste of money
  • Never wear torn clothing or withered flowers as these will prevent the Goddess Lakshmi entering into the home.